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November 30, 2020  

Lets Help the Amazon Rainforest with Yuahula Alay Kalapalo : Storyteller of the Forest

Yuahula Alay Kalapalo is in ground zero of the Amazon deforestation, the Xingu region.

We talk about what Yuahula is witnessing in the Amazon burning fires, and how he's creating music and film to bring awareness to the problems that the fires have caused in his villages health and also animals and plants. Yuahula also shares his dream of creating a volunteer firefighting indigneous team.

Check out the song he made about the fires:



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Hosted by Frank Oscar Weaver

October 10, 2020  

Climate Reality – Lead On Climate: A message from Sruthi Gurudev, marine conservation storyteller

Countdown to the Future with with Sruthi Gurudev, climate reality leader, and marine conservation storyteller. 

This podcast is part of Climate Reality's 24 Hours of Reality: Countdown to the Future

A twenty-four hours of digital presentations and conversations on how the climate crisis, COVID-19, and racial injustice together shape our world and threaten our future, taking place in communities all across the Earth.

With the current unrest, pandemic, and climate crises plaguing each and everyone of us, we know that this year’s we need to bring attention to the dire need for action. Action at the local, regional, and national levels, ensuring a brighter and cleaner world for all of us, and for those to come.

With so many actions to take, we still believe that having a conversation is one of the most impactful, and can lead to countless actions down the line.

With that in mind I want to introduce my fellow climate reality trained Shurti! Creator of ocean e-zine about marine conservation, storytelling, ocean science, and spotlights the work of ocean explorers, marine scientists, conservationists, and storytellers and also United Nations Association Ambassador – for Life Under Water.

We have an amazing conversation about the climate crisis, mining in the Ecuadorian rainforest, the rights of nature, and much more! 

Check out her E-Magazine here:

and follow her on instagram: @sruthi.gdev

Learn more about Climate Reality:



Welcome to Indigenous Earth Community Podcast.

Where we celebrate Indigenous and BIPOC heroes from around the world, and learn from them on how to honor the traditions of protecting the planet. We discuss actionable tips on how to connect to our beautiful planet while lessening our daily impact.



Me and our podcast friend Zunneh bah are fundraising for World Wildlife Fund by participating in their Species Step Challenge throughout the month of October 2020.

This event is about taking steps toward addressing some of the most pressing issues facing our planet. We can’t protect the future of nature without your help. Every dollar raised counts. Take a look at the show description to learn more.


August 18, 2020  

Unity Earth Ambassador: Tami Patterson

Today's episode is: Tami Patterson from UNITY!

We chat on the work of UNITY to help native youth take leadership roles in their communities, and to live a spiritual and healthy lifestyle.

Tami is an amazing person, and we chat how she inspired me to create a part of this podcast, her decades of empowering native youth and an event we organized to raise awareness about water conservation ☀️

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Hosted by Frank Oscar Weaver

August 6, 2020  

Exploring Yaupon, an important plant, used for medicine, and ceremonial item by the indigenous people for thousands of years, with Bryon White (Co-Founder of Yaupon Brothers)

Today we talk to Bryon White, co-founder of Yaupon Brothers, we talk in length about Yaupon, a caffeinated plant native to United States, and that was a central cultural item for the Indigenous people of the South East of North America. 

Bryan tell us the story of the Timicua people who inhabited Florida for thousands of years, and they use of the Yaupon Plant, and the environmental benefits of a local grown caffeinated plant.

 Bryon shares as how as a non native, the importance of honoring and respecting the history of the indigenous people and the care for this very special plant, and the environmental benefits of supporting this indigenous food. 


The White Mountain Apache Tribe has one of the highest infection rates of COVID the country. They are in deep need of diapers, bottled water, cleaning supplies, and masks. If you are able to donate, please do so,  items will be dispersed to different people and places on the reservation. If you are unable to help please share this item request online because you never know who might be able to help. 

 Send the donations to PO Box 700 Whiteriver AZ 

Check @sareyataylorr on Instagram for an updated amazing list and more details.

Thank you!



July 16, 2020  

Being a Native College Student, and Advisor in Our Current Political Climate with Angela Noah, Ndee+Choctaw

Angela Noah (@angno97) is a National Indian Tribal Youth Peer Guide, the Current Miss Indian University of Oregon, an Earth Ambassador , and a very community driven individual. I learned so much from her in the half an hour we shared together.

We go over a wide range of topics, such as the Landmark Supreme Court Ruling Affirms Native American Rights in Oklahoma , being a native college student, and advisor in our current political climate, and on always honoring those who got us to where we are now. 

Other topics we cover :

  • How to honor those who got us to where we are now.
  • On finding healing and strength from spending time in the outdoors. 
  • Becoming a resource to peers by venturing first.
  • How the Unity organization help the Native youth.
  • The Earth Ambassador program from Unity.
  • Having power to change a negative narrative spoken about oneself.  
  • and much, much more! 

Here is the image referenced on our conversation:

Indigenous Earth Community Podcast.

Where we celebrate Indigenous heroes from around the world, and learn from them on how to honor the traditions of protecting the planet. We discuss actionable tips on how to connect to our beautiful planet while lessening our daily impact.


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Hosted by Frank Oscar Weaver

July 2, 2020  

Save The Bees! With Indigenous Bee Steward Alex Ibarra

We start our new season with an amazing interview with Alex Ibarra, from Indigenous Bee Rescue, all the way from Australia. 

Alex shares his incredible work of saving bee colonies, and how he honors the traditions of the originals inhabits of Australia in his work with Indigibee. 

“Indigibee is Australia's premier Indigenous Australian owned and operated native bee rescue service, we are a dedicated team working towards the ecological conservation and proliferation of Australian Native Bees within our communities.” 

We chat about so many fascinating topics , ranging from the relantioship of the people of Australia with the ecosystem for thousands of year , to the importance of education for culture keeping, and off course we talk a lot about bees, beekeeping, honey, and how we can help our pollinator friends! 

Connect with Indigebee:

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June 4, 2020  

Shaandiin Cedar - On Using Storytelling To Combat Climate Change

Supper happy of the conversation I had with Sháán díín Cedar , who is an avid outdoors woman, in fact, Sháán díín is one of the ambassadors for Native Outdoors! 

In the season finale of our podcast,  we talk about her advocacy for people of colors to enjoy the outdoors.

Sháán díín also shares how we can help the Navajo Nation during the pandemic, and the ways indigenous people knowledge and storytelling need to be heard to protect our planet. 

Connect with Sháán díín

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I do have a ask for you.

The Covid epidemic has underlined the fact that low income communities get the brunt of all crisis impacts.

American Indian tribes, and specifically the Navajo Nation, have been some of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis.

On a per capita basis, the Navajo Nation is #3 right behind NY & NJ in terms cases and deaths. 

We are asking for your support to help raise funds and to help provide masks and hand sanitizer for these communities through a fundraiser being organized by Natives Outdoors, an organization elevating native and indigenous people in the outdoors.

Option 1: Purchase a Bears Ears Petroglyph / Covid-19 relief print on our site. All proceeds go towards purchasing masks and hand sanitizer to be shipped to those in need.

Option 2: Donate directly to vetted relief organizations.

Information on both options are outlined on the website.

Ahe’hee’ Thank you



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Hosted by Frank Oscar Weaver

May 28, 2020  

Animal Protectors: The Story of My Family’s Fight Against Animal Cruelty & How I Am Now Saving Stray Animals

“To all our stray, homeless, an abandoned animals, I want to let you know you are loved, you are not forgotten, there are humans that will fight for you!”

Zunneh-bah Martin shares the story of her family's generations fight against animal cruelty, and how now she is rescuing stray animals in her community, and is asking for our support , and more importantly, for us to become Animal Protectors as well. 


Donations can be made to:

-Venmo (@Animal-Protectors)


-PO Box 3360 Gallup, NM 87305

Ahéhee' and thank you so much!



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Hosted by Frank Oscar Weaver

May 21, 2020  

Strange Things We Found On Litter Clean Ups with Eco Captain Ariel Takuma 詫摩慧龍

"What is the craziest thing you ever found?!" Is the number one question I got asked when I tell people I do kayak clean ups. I will tell you that on this episode , and will have a very special guest who will also share the craziest thing he ever found. Our special guest is my good and long friend Ariel Takuma. Ariel has been doing clean ups as long as I have. We discuss our decades long mission of getting rid of dangerous debris out of the waterways of Central Florida, and a good tip on how we go zero waste at home.  

To join our clean ups check out our schedule posted below:


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Hosted by Frank Oscar Weaver

May 14, 2020  

A Journey with Sage Lacapa - Earth Ambassador and Folk Singer

Today we talk to Sage Lacapa, Earth Ambassador and folk singer. 

Sage shares an emotional acoustic guitar song he wrote for a friend that could not talks about their feelings since there is a lack of coping mechanism living on a reservation. 

Sage then tell us how he was able to about earn the knowledge of traditional plants by getting involved with the elders, and how now, he passes that knowledge of plants to his friends and family. 

Sage tells us how culture is affected by the Corona Virus Pandemic, and his wish for native youth to learn the languages, as language is much more than a way to communicate but a way of life.  

Connect with Sage here:


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 Frank Oscar Weaver 



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