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March 21, 2021  

Timely interview with a member of the Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders community in Atlanta: Arjho Carino Turner

March 21, 2021

Happy to introduce my friend Arjho from the Blaan Indigenous community of the Philippines, She’s a champion for climate change, community involvement, and is an international activist in indigenous peoples' rights.  If you're passionate about indigenous people's rights and want to create change towards more sustainable future, you going to love our conversation. 

We talked 2 years to the day after meeting each other during the Climate Reality training, from what she called her "second home," Atlanta, Ga, and we talked about what we learned during our training to fight the climate crisis. 

Our conversation was just a few days before the crime that shook the country. As Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, who we both saw in an interfaith mass in the Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, MLK old church,  said "The lives of those who were killed here in Atlanta this week say something to us: All of us must come together, Black, white, brown, Asian, native, gay & straight. It's time to get it right, right here & right now, America" #StopAsianHate



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