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February 25, 2021  

Miss Indian World 2019-2021 Cheyenne Kippenberger - on Seminole history, Living in Florida, and Protecting the Everglades.

February 25, 2021

Considered a rising star in the Seminole Tribe of Florida and crowned as the 36th Miss Indian World, Cheyenne Kippenberger is committed to helping her community.
She gives back to her community by preserving and sharing the traditions and history of the Seminoles, while promoting wellness, and also by helping to protect the important biodiverse region of the Florida everglades.
We talk about the falling frozen iguanas in florida's winter, the cultural history of alligator wrestling, the importance of protecting the everglades, and what we can do as an ally to Native Americans and much much more!

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“Support #DefendTheSacred, share thoughts on wetland permitting control with officials

The organizers of Defend the Sacred ask anyone who is concerned about the EPA’s recent and upcoming decisions regarding wetlands permitting to email with their concerns and contact Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Commissioner Nikki Fried by email: or by phone: 850-617-7700.”


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