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December 6, 2021  

Neil Giardino: Journalist focused on the Amazon and Indigenous peoples. Reporting on pesticide contamination and land evictions of indigenous people in Paraguay

December 6, 2021

A very hard-hitting interview with Neil Giardino, an American journalist whose storytelling focus is on the Amazon and indigenous peoples. Neil is a freelance journalist who has stories published on NBC and Al Jazeera, who just returned from a trip to Paraguay where he reported on land eviction of indigenous people from their ancient and traditional lands.  

In this episode, we cover several key topics, including:

  • Drinking Terere, and the medicinal purposes of Yerba mate 2:08
  • How Indigenous communities in Paraguay are fighting big soy. Amid pesticide contamination and land evictions, tribal leaders say their villages in Paraguay are at a crisis point. 5:05
  • The Asháninka village of Boca Pachiri  a violent flashpoint along the global cocaine trade route - a seemingly peaceful indigenous community surrounded by enemies — armed coca farmers, narco-traffickers, and a splintered faction of narco-terrorists. 11:10
  • Tips on how to begin telling stories, even before starting formally in a journalism career. 14:52
  • and much , much more! 

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